Micro-FTIR                                             Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

This analytical method is a powerful tool used to analyze and identify small chemical differences in a material using a non-destructive technique. FTIR microscopy can be applied to a wide variety of industries to help understand product defects, identify failure mechanisms, identify organic contaminants and products, and is heavily used in forensic analysis. The FTIR microscope is a versatile analytical tool that can compliment almost every industry.

Sample Analysis Options

 Chemical Area Mapping


Large areas on a sample can be analyzed and chemically mapped. The resulting spectra can then be sued to show the locations of important chemical differences on a material surface or a sample cross section.

Chemical Line Mapping



Chemical line mapping is a quick and useful method to show the chemical change in a product across a given distance. This is a very useful technique for polymer laminates and multi-layered coatings systems. 

 Particle Analysis



Particles as small as 5 microns can be removed from a surface, collected on a filter, or embedded in a product, can be analyzed and identified and matched a to the largest available commercial library.

 Multi-Spot Testing



Multiple spots can be analyzed and the resulting spectra compared and identified.