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Mass Spectrometry

2020 NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library


  • (EI) Spectra for 242,446 chemical compounds.
  • Retention index library 385,872 RI values for                82,868 compounds; 56,216 compounds in the Main Library have retention index data.
  • Chromatographic deconvolution to discover overlapping compounds.
  • Spectra include metabolites, peptides, contaminants,lipids and more.

CDS Analytical Pyrogram Library







The PYROLYSIS LIBRARY is a collection of spectra generated by averaging all of the spectra in a pyrogram so that the standard GC/MS software can be used to identify unknowns. To use it, the mouse button is held down while dragging the cursor across the chromatogram to generate a spectrum. The resulting spectrum does not repersent one compound, but rather contains information from all the peaks and therefore is used to identify the polymer, not just one compound from the polymer.


Wiley Database

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  • Searches thousands of compounds in one of the largest databases available today.
  • Identify unknown materials
  • Mixture analysis to identify multiple components in a single sample.
  • Over 300,000 searchable spectra!